Should Liverpool cut ties with Thiago Alcántara?

15th April 2023

There is no doubt that Thiago Alcántara is Liverpool's best midfielder and remains one of the best in Europe, on his day.

The problem is that day is too far and thin due to the Spaniard's constant injury issues.

The midfielder, who turned 32 on April 11, has featured in just 15 games this season and recently made his return after almost two months out with an injury.

The issue Liverpool have is that Thiago's quality is such an aberration from the rest of the midfield and that when he's absent, the drop-off in quality is much too noticeable.

Can Liverpool fans even be grateful when he returns, knowing that at any moment his body could once again break down?

It brings forth the uncomfortable question of whether Liverpool should cut ties with the stylish midfielder.

Thiago's time is up 

Photo by MIGUEL A. LOPES/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

After arriving at in 2020, Liverpool fans couldn't believe their luck that a player of Thiago's ilk who's bossed world football for numerous years decided to reject a new contract at Bayern Munich to test himself in the Premier League.

While Liverpool already had several world-class players at the club, Thiago was the first player who rejected staying at a top club to come to Anfield.

That automatically made the special.

However, three years on and that novelty has worn off.

The question is not about Thiago's quality, we all know he's leaps and bounds ahead of the current choices Liverpool have in midfield but its reliability and availability that's at play here.

Liverpool cannot afford to put the importance they do on Thiago for him only to play half the season, it simply cannot happen.

No top club relies on a player with as many injury issues as Thiago and wins the biggest prizes in club football.

An entire midfield rebuild is needed at Liverpool and Thiago could, unfortunately, be forced to depart as part of the regeneration of the engine room.

He's too good to let go

Despite his injury issues, Thiago remains one of the best midfielders in the world and even with new several new signings in the summer, should he remain fit, Thiago will remain a starter in the team.

His experience and the role he plays in teaching the younger players are skills that make him invaluable whether he plays or not.

Thiago has demonstrated a true love for the club and the city of Liverpool and I believe if offered a new contract by the club, he would take it.

Liverpool remain in a good position with quality in the squad and with further investment in the summer, particularly in the midfield, Liverpool could return to their former ways.

Not every fan shares the same thoughts however, so how would you solve the issue of Thiago Alcántara?

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