Should Thiago Alcântara leave Liverpool next season?

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23rd January 2024

It's a shame how 's career at Liverpool has turned out.

The Spaniard was the first ready-made world-class player the club had purchased in 2020 in an extremely long time as most fans couldn't believe he rejected a new contract at Bayern Munich to come to .

Much was expected of Thiago who was certainly one of the top three midfielders in the world when he arrived at Liverpool.

While his obscene talent has been on show almost every time he's stepped out onto the field in Liverpool colours, his injury record has been nothing short of appaling.

It's been so bad that the question of whether the midfielder should leave Liverpool next season is becoming more and more asked.

Liverpool Should Cut Their Losses

As many in football say, the best ability is availability which is something Thiago simply struggles with.

He's never played more than 25 league games since arriving at Anfield and played just 18 league games last season with his last appearance for the club coming over nine months ago as he's yet to feature in Liverpool's /24 campaign.

What good is it having a player of his ilk but he's never on the pitch to show it?

He certainly has to be on high wages and given that he's 32 years old, it's hard to believe that his injury issues are going to better as he ages therefore a departure with a young talent coming into the club to replace him could be the logical call.

He's yet to appear this season and recently suffered a setback which will further cause him to miss out on game time in a season that could very well be his last at Liverpool.

He's A Luxury Player

Fans may need to adjust their perception of Thiago's role at the club if they want him to stay.

I think the days of him being a starter week in, week out, are over due to the signings of and as well as Thiago's body wouldn't be able to physically handle the strain.

However, if he becomes a player who is brought on for the last 25 minutes of the games to control the midfield and the tempo, he would surely have a positive impact on the team.

Starting him in big games where his experience and ability could prove to be the difference maker could be a role in which he succeeds.

LFC Globe Verdict

With his contract ending in 2024, Liverpool have a decision to make, do they extend his deal or let him leave for free in the summer?

In my opinion, Liverpool should let him go because despite his obvious quality, what good is it if he's never fit to show it?

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